How to play

How do you play Explorer HQ?

Playing Explorer HQ is easy:

  1. Find a mission you want to do,
  2. Go and do the mission,
  3. Take a photo of what you have done,
  4. Visit the mission’s webpage and mark it complete,
  5. Upload your photo to share what you have done.

Do missions and we will reward you with Currents and badges.


Exploring together is often better. That’s why we have created teams that you can join. You can join your country, your favorite animal and if you are in the UK, your school.

We add up all of the scores to create an overall chart to show which teams are collecting the most badges.

Sharing photos

We look at all of the photos you upload to make sure they follow our photo rules.

  • Do not include any identifiable people. No selfies!
  • Only upload photos that you have taken yourself.
  • Keep your photos friendly, clean and polite… no rude stuff.

Explorer HQ members cannot share any personally identifiable information like a full name, address or phone number. So to be on the safe side, sometimes we'll go a step further and reject photos with license plates, mailbox addresses, school mascot jerseys, etc.

Then, we try to make sure that the photo really belongs to you, and wasn't taken from another photography site. (Trust us, you'd be surprised - it makes us sad, too - but some people try and post photos that aren't theirs!) If the photo you snapped IS yours, but includes other copyrighted material, like a famous character or a celebrity, chances are it will be rejected for that reason. This includes your avatar photo, which should be a photo that you took yourself or of you.

Sometimes we reject photos that are of really poor quality, are too small or have been uploaded sideways. But mostly we check to make sure that what a person would see within your photo is appropriate content. It might seem obvious, but that means things like no vulgar or suggestive clothing or poses, no nudity or suggested nudity, no dead animals and no cigarettes, alcohol, weapons or illegal substances in photos.

If you see a photo that does not follow these rules, click on the photo to expand it and then click on the flag symbol. You can use this flag to report any concerns that you might have.

If we do not accept your photo, don’t worry… follow this guidance and try again!