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Training 03: Dealing with danger

Learn some basic first aid and reduce risks. Click on "More information" for ways to keep a cool head.

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Mission Information
Keep a cool head and do things right

All the best explorers have rules that they never break. Here are some to help you keep your head on:

  • Follow the instructions on warning signs and follow any other rules that you know about.
  • Always let an adult know where you're going and what time you'll get back.
  • Cars are one of the most deadly beasts in the world. Avoid crossing roads but, if you have to, use a zebra crossing or a pelican crossing.
  • Make sure that you look after your friends and don't be persuaded to take silly risks.
  • If you get injured make sure you tell someone who knows what to do.
  • Never use kit that you need training for like climbing ropes. It won't keep you safe if you don't know how to use it.
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger, including their car or house.
  • Always take supplies: juice, fruit, snacks, chocolate and most importantly... water!
  • Don't stick anything in your mouth if you don't know what it is. You don't want to be poisoned and start puking up over everything.


Make sure you know who to contact in an emergency. Know your national emergency number (in the UK this is 999 and in the US it is 911). Write any other numbers down on a notepad, in your phone or somewhere else safe.


If the mission goes pear-shaped, follow these three steps:
  1. Don't panic!
  2. Call your emergency contact, tell them what has happened and where you are.
  3. Stay where you are and wait for them to arrive.
First Aid

Injured in the name of exploration? In all cases, tell someone you trust what happened and get checked out. Even the bravest and most famous explorers need a bit of looking after, especially if it involves some hot chocolate and cake.

For advice on what to do if you are bleeding, have snapped bones, have been half eaten or worse check out this advice from the British Red Cross.

Mission Risk: Low
Low. This should be easy but take care.

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Risky business

Doing missions on this website can be dangerous. Always get permission before exploring and make sure your plans are reasonably safe. A place that is safe one moment can become dodgy the next so keep your wits about you. We cannot take any responsibility for any injuries or harmful effects resulting from your actions. It's your job to survive your explorations intact.

To increase your chances of success complete our training and safety tips before starting. That way you are more likely to win currents and keep your head on.