Mission completed

Mission complete

Climb low

Well done! Most people in the world don't get this far. We're proud of you and so should you be, but you're not quite finished yet...

About photos

Upload a photo

upload a photo

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Uploading photos

Here are some simple rules to follow when uploading pictures.


  • Keeping your identity secret,
  • Proof you've done the mission,
  • Your own photos.


  • Revealing your identity,
  • People's faces,
  • Copied photos,
  • Being rude or unfriendly.

Thumbs up Share the love

If you like a photo or you see the person who has uploaded it has made a special effort, why not 'Thumb up' their photo. You will get currents and so will they.

Check We check all photo's

We check all uploaded photo's for these things, so if you stick to the rules nothing can go wrong and you will be awarded missions, badges and currents.

Flag You can flag photo's

If you see something that is bad or you know is copied you can always flag it and we will take a look.

Any questions?

For all of our rules, terms and conditions click here.