Wouldn't it be great if someone made a website full of positive and rewarding activities for young people to do?

We are very pleased that you have made it this far. Explorer HQ is a unique and inspirational way for children to explore and learn about their world. For you it's a free treasure chest of playful and rewarding activities that fight boredom and nurture curiosity.

What is Explorer HQ?

Explorer HQ is all about challenging you and people you know to try new things. It's about exploring in fun ways, asking questions and searching for answers. When you create an account on this website you can win points and earn badges too.

We've created Explorer HQ to:

  • help young people learn about places;
  • encourage curiosity about the world;
  • have a good deal of playful fun.

Young explorers can use this website to find activities that we call missions. By doing missions they can collect Currents and unlock badges.

Respected charities and public sector organisations (including schools) can create missions on Explorer HQ. The missions can be very varied, but can include hunting for animals, putting on performances and building dens.

Why Explorer HQ?

Explorer HQ can be used to help children to learn about places in creative ways. The missions are designed to be fun, challenging and inspirational. Explorer HQ can be used to:

  • Inspire new ways to play, explore and investigate;
  • Help learning through geography, art, history, science and other subjects;
  • Uncover stories and facts, and;
  • Be a place to record, track and share their progress.

On this website you will find lots of missions for your children to complete. Many of them you can do together.

To make the most of Explorer HQ it's a good idea to:

  1. Register for an account. You don't have to, but that way you can record your efforts. Children aged 12 or under are required to join through their parent or guardian.
  2. Complete our safety training, just to be on the safe side.
  3. Do the missions that are of interest to you and leave the rest. This should be fun!
  4. Take a camera and something to draw with and on.
  5. Share your explorations! The best way to do this is by uploading a photo to our website.

Child safety

We take child safety very seriously. Young people aged 12 or under are separated from all members of Explorer HQ who are 13-years-old or more.

In addition, anyone aged under 13:

  • Is required to provide a parent or guardian's email address. We will send a message to this email address which needs to be replied to before the account is opened;
  • Are asked to make up their explorer (display) name to keep their account anonymous. Young explorers can share their profile page but only their explorer name, scores and completed missions will be visible;
  • Cannot make or see comments, keep an explorer log or map locations. When they do reach the age of 13, the first five comments are pre-moderated by trained staff who have full enhanced CRB (criminal record check) certificates. A post-moderation flagging system is used for all further comments.
  • Every mission page has a link for reporting problems either to Explorer HQ or CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) in the UK;

For more details see our privacy page.

Once a child reaches the age of 13 they will automatically have access to all features on the network including commenting on missions, keeping an explorer log and mapping where they have completed missions.

It is a requirement that all missions are assessed for their levels of risk and benefit. Despite this, we advise you to make your own judgements before allowing children to complete any mission or exploration. You will be the best judge of what is reasonably safe for your child's level of experience and ability. In addition conditions can change quickly in places where missions are located and this is especially true in upland, exposed and coastal places. We encourage you to always plan ahead and to follow any local advice and codes, including the Countryside Code.

Who is Explorer HQ?

Explorer HQ is made by a team of experts at Explorer HQ Limited. We work together to help young people explore and see the world in new ways. We care about young people, and what or how they learn. We think that learning in the real world, in real places and about real issues are vital to any childhood. By doing missions on this website we hope that your children will be a little more confident, happy, empathetic and knowledgeable.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please visit our help centre.